Gift From Within Guestbook Archives - 2001

Date: 12/26/01
Name: Diane Hall Smith,LMFT
Subject: Gratitude

How found: Serendipity

My son is a survivor of 9-11. I work as a marriage & family therapist and have been asked to do a workshop at our state conference on vicarious other words, what I'm going through as I constantly want to count my grown son's fingers and toes... and, help others with their own trauma at the same time. Any info or personal stories would be greatly appreciated.

Date: december 26,20001

How found: searched under post traumatic stress syndrone


Date: 22 12 01
Name: jill
Subject: greetings
How found: our sites have exchanged links

I just wanted to write and wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year.

Date: 15/12/01
Name: Demi
How found: A guest book you signed.

It so comforting to know so many people want help others and with so many sites we will reach so many that are in need. Bless you.

Date: 12/14/2001
Name: Deldiamond
Subject: See comments below
How found:

Very caring, supportive site, organization. My site's theme is abuse survivor resources. Here's an article about abuse survivors and perps. Punish the Perbs not the Children forced into Prostitution

Date: 12/05/01
Name: Rosemary Littleton
Subject: Website

How found: Link from another website

Did not know you existed. Son has PTSD. I work in Victim Services. Will visit often.

Date: 12-06-01
Name: mitchell lyell
Subject: ptsd

How found: va website

i;m 100% service connected for ptsd and have given up ever ridding myself & family of this nightmare.any research programs i can enlist in ?

Date: ! December 2001
Name: Barbara G
Subject: PTSD/DID

How found: Searching for info on crisis intervention.

WOW!!! Thank you for such dedication and service. I am a 43 year old survivor with the diagnosis above. I am the phoenix, one of many, who has risen from the ashes. I am still on my journey but the really hard, horrible nightmare-daymare days are processed. My DID, and the "Chorus" whom I am a member, saved my life or lives, if you will. I just want to say that happiness and joy really do come. It is happening for me. It took time but I am joyous in the now of life. Be gentle to yourself, dear individuals who survive. Start with the small things. Two positives for every negative. Celebrate the sunrise and if you do not believe it will get better then just believe that I believe for you. Barbara G.

Date: November 24, 2001
Name: lost
Subject: THANK YOU
How found: searching the web for answers

Thank you for a wonderful web site. Having been through domestic volience and lossing everything I really needed a safe place to go. See on Dec 24, 2000 at 3:00, was the last time I have seen my 4 children, I have had to get a new identity and everything that comes along with it. There are many days I feel so lost and alone. I understand what DV has caused me and my children. My only sense of peace is knowing that my leaving them has made life safer for them. I stuggle with each day not knowing how they are. If anyone has any advise please feel free to offer it. THANK YOU, LOST

Date: Monday 19th November 2001
Name: Eddie & Dee:)
Subject: Survivors of Child Abuse-Supporters Of Survivors!
How found: A link from an email support group

Thank You Very Much for Creating a Wonderful Web Site for Survivors of Child Abuse-Supporters of Survivors! & ALL other Trauma. It is Greatly Appreciated. We are The Founders of SCA-S.O.S! which is a non-profit Organisation in Australia. Please Visit Our Web Site Also, & work as a team to 'BREAK The SILENCE' on Child Abuse in Any &/or ALL of its forms NOW!!! Have a Great Day:)

Date: 11/11/01
Name: Marie
Subject: Rape, Domestic Violence, English & Spanish Resourc
How found: surfing

for Bilingual Resources on Rape & Domestic Violence see Help, Articles, Teaching Scenarios, Cases, Profiles, Quizzes, and much more ~ over 70 original, paired English/Spanish documents ~ on rape, domestic violence, and child abuse at

Date: 09-11-2001
Name: Zulfiqar Shah
Subject: Journalist
How found:

Hello There ...I am Zulfiqar Shah From Jangle Khel Kohat Pakistan I am a Journalist and Writer . I have Writen The History of Kohat (My City in Pakistan).If you want any information about my city you can E-mail me and also can send me letter at the address ...Bahar Studio Kohat Cantt. (N.W.F.P)Pakistan. E mail

Date: October 28, 2001
Name: Lori Michelle DeVito
Subject: 2 years of hell

How found: national ptsd site

For the last 2 years I have felt like the lonliest person on the planet. Nov 20, 1999 I was hit while walking with a friend of mine by a drunk driver. My fried perished that night and through many surgies I am here to talk about it. I was hit twice and drug 220 feet on asphault and the kicker is that I remember it all. I live daily with fears of cars and people and no one seems to be able to help. I finally 2 weeks ago was diagnosed with PTSD and at least i have a name for this lil monster within driving me crazy. I dont quite feel as alone.

Date: 18 October 2001
Name: Anpeytu Raben
Subject: helpful site
How found: The "When Helping Hurts" article, sent by the NCVC

I'm pleased to find this site, and find it helpful on many avenues of my life and work. I run the sexual assault response and education organization in our county and also facilitate our county's Sexual Assault Resource Team. Information here will be beneficial for my staff, volunteers, peers, and myself. Thanks!!

Date: October 16, 2001
Name: George Anderson
Subject: Impact of September 11 on fragile Americans.
E-mail: georgeanderson @
How found: internet search for sites relative of the New York

Our mutual links have already been accomplished. I would like to hear from you and your contacts regarding any increase in sympoms of ittitability and anger.

Date: October 12, 2001
Name: Mona Lisa
Subject: MPD
How found: flew in

We know what it is like. Please visit and sign our hello book! We also would love to put a link to your page on our child advocate page.

Date: 10/11/01
Name: Amy, RN, MSN
Subject: Recovering from Traumatic Events:Healing Process
How found: Link from another site

As a survivor of several traumatic events and as a health care professional I was very impressed with Dr. Ochberg and the tape on the Healing Process. Recovering traumatic memories is often the first step to the healing process and this video is wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anyone with PTSD and I will as I know many health care workers who need to understand how vunerable they are to this experience. Thank you for being here, this site is such a valueable resource, especially in this ever-changing world that we live in.

Date: October 9, 2001
Name: George Anderson
Subject: September 11, 2001
How found: your comments on the mincave site

Your article on the impact of Sept. 11 is timely and well done. Please visit our site relative to anger management and the L.A. Times October 14. article.

Date: October 4, 2001
Name: Nadine D. Mescia, MHS
Subject: Recovering from Traumatic Events:Healing Process
How found: professional referral

As the Director for Training of the Florida Center for Public Health Preparedness at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, I find your instructional video entitled "Recovering from Traumatic Events: The Healing Process" to be a very valuable resource for training our target audiences, the Florida public health professional workforce (primary) and the national public health workforce (secondary), who are caregivers and/or "responders" serving clients who are survivors and victims of traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. I find the information contained in this video and the quality of this production to be first rate. As such, I have requested permission from the Gift From Within to show this video as part of a national public health workforce development training program that we produced on the topic of recovering from the traumatic stress of terrorism, entitled "Recovering from Terrorist Acts: Strategies for Aiding the Public Health Professional and Agency".

Date: 10/4/01
Name: Amy
Subject: New Award for Gift From Within
How found: return visit

Hi, I have sent so many of my teen readers here since Sept 11th. Thanks for this wonderful resource. This is a new award I made for sites like this one. Thanks again, from a survivor of a lost childhood, -Amy-

Date: 09.30.01
Name: Rev. Alexandra Michaels
Subject: PTSD
Website: http:\
How found: Browsing the Internet

Thank you for you years of experience and utter devotion to those who grieve and hurt. I am a couselor with FEMA at present for disaster survivors.

Date: 9-27-2001
Name: Angela Atchison
Subject: PTSD

How found: search engine

I was looking for PTSD information and found this site to be extraordinary. Some of the information is old, but it all looks wonderful. Thank you so much!

Date: 09-23-01
Name: Robert C. Soucier
Subject: PTSD
How found: I was E-Mailed this site

I am in West Haven V.H. In a prrp class for ptsd I received from R.V.N.. Aug 1969-70

Date: September 21, 2001
Name: Susan
Subject: GREAT !!!

How found: searching for info on DV

This site is great, I only wish it had been available a few years back. I am a sexual assault, domestic violence SURVIVOR and have worked at shelters and crisis lines and continue to counsel others who are looking for answers. I still suffer from some symptoms of PTSS and with all that has happened in our country this past ten days some of my symptoms have returned full-force. I guess you never really get all of it out of our psyche.

Date: 9-15-01
Name: David Bennett
Subject: Tragedy

How found: Friend of website

Dear Joyce and all friends at Gift From Within. Firstly, thank you all for the message and card and for remembering us at this tragic and sad time. May I personally and all my colleagues here in the UK pass onto each and everyone of you our deepest sympathies for the outrageous acts that occurred last Tuesday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every victim at this time. We also remember each and every person connected with the victims, such as family and friends who are finding it difficult coming to terms with the reality of what has occurred. From wherever they may come from.

Let us all hope that from this horrific and tragic occurrence, each may be reminded that no matter what violence one uses it can in no way influence normal thinking people to surrender to their demands.

From all this tragedy let us all hope that peace and tranquillity may eventually be restored, and each of us can live in peace and security without the threat of violence looming over each persons head.

Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

David. David Bennett Traumatic Stress Centre (Wales)

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2001
Name: Ms. Vicki Bignell, Founder of Sassy Inc.
Subject: Sexual Violence & Healing
How found: email from your site

As a paraprofessional as well as a survivor of sexual violence, (and past sufferer with PTSD)I can much appreciate your cause and what you are doing to help others! The more that we, as professionals network together, the greater the help for survivors... Invite anyone to visit .Thanks and Blessings for your site...

Date: september 17 2001
Name: linda
Subject: ptsd

How found: browsing by

thank-you or all the wonderful info. i'm hoping it will help me to cope better.

Date: 9/15/2001
Name: Jeff Knox

How found: google search for "post traumatic stress syndrome

Thank you for the useful information on this site.

Date: 09/13/01
Name: Ms. Davis
How found: on the

I love your spiritual creativity that you have brought the site of your experiences you went through. God Loves you (also visit this Inspiring site

Date: Aug. 31 2001
Name: Edward Rufing
Subject: We're in this fight together.
How found: search

Loved your site and would like to recomend a website The Quit Abuse Society. There fighting the same fight as you are. Thanks.

Date: August 27, 2001
Name: Caren
Subject: PTSD Auto Accident

How found: aol search engine

I needed to see what I read, to know there was help for me following a very intense auto accident. It is hard to explain to others what I am feeling. However, I am glad to see there is hope for me too.

Date: 08/23/2001
Name: Rose
Subject: Thank You all!!!!!!!

How found: Surfing the net

I first want to say thank you all for sharing your personal lives. I am a survivor of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. It has been 18 yrs since i was taken from my abusive foster home. I live with this ptsd everyday of my life. I find it very frusterating. Sometimes i feel like it will never get better. If anyone could give me advice on how to deal with this i would be forever grateful. Thank you again in advance for your help. Good luck to all of you on your journey. Much love to all Rose.

Date: August 21st 2001
Name: Nancy O'Keefe
Subject: lost and afraid

How found: internet query

I'm a shooting survivor with PTSD three years. Killer still at large and threatening. Trying to sell and move. So hard. Daughter raped as child by husbands killer. I survived shooting after surgery. Help? Nancy

Date: 13th August 2001
Name: Tony McNally
Subject: PTSD IN THE UK!
How found: surfing.

I am a combat veteran of the Falklands war and suffer from chronic PTSDm, my country treat myself and other veterans like disloyal lepers and refuse to even accknowledge PTSD even exists, a shamefull state of affairs, I felt so strongly at the UK Governments attitude that I returned my medals to Tony Blair with a letter, you can read the letter on my web site, I have become the first British soldier to write a book about my military service as well as my PTSD, it might not be Bravo two zero, but it is true and happens to millions world wide. I have also started a forum on my web site for combat veterans who suffer from PTSD, another first in the UK for all the other's who have not got PTSD, you may like to come and visit? Thank you all Mack.

Name: zoe
Subject: hope

How found: by accident

I am a survivor of sexual , physical& emotional abuse.Mainly by my father.I am in therapy, it is slow BUT I have more serenity than ever.

Date: August 2,2001
Name: cheryl ayala
Subject: ptss

How found: looked up the Post Traumatic strees syndromekeywor

I have been through tragedys, and I am guarded with good doctors, how ever I am very proud of myself to have found your site. I like the stories and opportunites available. I stopped crying after reading through. I thank you for a window of understanding this disorder and I look forward to meeting other pen pals and infromaton. sincerely Miss Cheryl Ayala

Date: August 1, 2001
Name: Michelle
Subject: This is Wonderful

How found: browsing

This is a wonderful site. I am so grateful to find support.

Date: July 30, 2001
Name: Kirk
Subject: Husband and daughter abused by wife and mother

How found: internet

I am wondering were to find information on how to deal with an abusive wife!!! She is the primary source of income, controls the purse strings, and constantly reminds me that my job is to take care of her every need, incl. preparing all meals and snacks, cleaning up after; washing, folding, putting away her clothes; painting house, repairing roof, maintaining car, maintaining yard, caring for ALL needs of our 5-year-old daughter. ALL Domestic responsibilities are my domain, while at the same time I should be earning a six figure income. She continues to physically assault me and our child, and may eventually kill us if I don't do something NOW! Our child runs screaming from the house, her little hands over her ears to prevent hearing the verbal assaults and escape flying objects. What do I do to change this course and bring harmony to my daughter's life???

Date: July 26, 2001
Name: Jeannette Susor
Subject: Danica Anderson, Bosnia's Death Highway

How found: a friend

Incredibly powerful, moving, saddening, real. Using human brain and willpower for an equally positive outpouring of events and evergy would save us from our incredibly dark side.

Date: 7/13/01
Name: Alder Fuller
Subject: Bosnia's Death Highway by Danica Anderson

How found: recommendation from a friend

I commend author Danica Anderson for her article about personal experiences working with women in Bosnia, and even more, of course, for her work itself.

We so often see stories about what's happening in Bosnia on news broadcasts along with images, but Danica's first hand accounts - enhanced by her own memories of abuse and her native understanding of their language - add a sobering reality to those stories. It helps us name that global pain so as to better treat it. For example, I never considered that the women there would actually retard change with their "brotherhood" - that was eye-openning realization of the difficulties that healers face there.

Best wishes to Danica in her courageous work of healing there and elsewhere. The world needs many Danica's right now ... all evidence suggests that we have only just seen the tip of an iceburg ...

Date: July 11 2001
Name: Holly Tucker
Subject: Thank you

E-mail: Leanne
How found: writing,talking to Joyce

Thank you Joyce for puting my poem on your web site and for being there when we all need it.This is a wonderful site for many people who need help and understanding I thank you very much.I'm glad to be apart of the support pals mail group and I'm starting to get settled in at my grandmas house.This is a great summer so far.a few seizures about four a month not to bad still a little hard. your friend, Holly

Date: July 11, 2001
Name: janie lee
Subject: give me some hope

How found: Joyce

I wish I didn't always feel so anxious and depressed. I'm learning how to control myself, the sad thing is I can't control others. It is what they put me and my family through that often hurts the most. But my favorite saying is it will be okay. And it will! If there are any attorneys out there who read this and want to give me some free legal advice just let me know.

Date: 7/11/01
Name: Daphne Hill
Subject: recovery from spousal abuse

How found: internet

I often have nightmares that I don't think anyone will understand. I am constantly aware of my surroundings, due to fear of my "X" stalking me. I don't know if I will ever get over the anger and fear that I have. I am going to remarry in Sept. '01, and I 'm afraid he can't understand why I'm like I am, so sometimes I don't feel like my real self. Although I don't know exactly who that is anymore. I know that I like myself alot better now. I know that for some reason I feel like a stronger person, even though I get my feelings hurt very easily. I hope someday to totally forget these terrible things ever happened to me, but until then I will just go on as if nothing has happened. I don't want to scare or anger him with talk of the past. Not anger towards me, of course, just anger.

Date: 07/09/01
Name: Christie

How found: Danica Anderson

This first-hand story really brings to light something that we often don't think about, but should. The tragedy of these women's lives, the type of male-dominated culture they live in, all the healing that must be done - this is all communicated through Danica's devotion to them and her expression of her experiences there and in her own life.

Date: 7/6/01
Name: David Kunin
Subject: Danica Anderson's article


I thought this was a very powerful article about an intensely difficult subject.

Date: 7/6/01
Name: Peggy Sargeant
Subject: Danica's article

How found: Danica

What an amazing woman! I admire her incredible ability to connect and her impecible timing. I consider it a blessing to be among her acquaintances

Date: July 6th, 2001
Name: lorna
Subject: Danica Anderson's article on Bosnia

How found: Danica's article

I have known Danica for almost 4 years now and this article was an incredible testimony to her life and her meaningful work with the women and children of Bosnia. Danica has made it her life work to be a truth seeker and a truth teller. It is not always easy in a world in which women are taught to be "nice", but it is time for women to have mentors like Danica who speak out and stop the silence of women. Silence leads to violence and creates victims. I hope Danica writes more about her experiences not only in Bosnia but all over the world. We need more women to speak up against many issues all over the world. Our western medical world instead drugs women who are angry,sad or depressed. Women need to recognize their feelings are telling them something is wrong and turn these emotions and feelings into change in their lives as well as the world. I admire Danica for her work and her journey. Bless her.

Date: 7/5/01
Name: Ling
Subject: Abuse

How found: surfing cuz of my co-worker that's battered daily

I exhort your efforts to make this disease known. It's a great tribute to all families that were hurt and are hurting. If only the internet were born earlier, then all these pain would be more understandable. 24 years I've carried this albatross around me. Thanks and May God Bless you all.

Date: July 4, 2001
Name: Nancy Carson
Subject: Danica Anderson - Bosnia Women Article

E-mail: CarsonNCA@AOL..COM
How found: Surfing

Thanks for printing this article -- it's so hard to understand/grasp/decipher what is going on in Bosnia, but we all understand that something terrible has happened to these women. This article reveals something about the culture and the trauma, as well as about the author.

Date: july 04,2001
Name: lynne.b.
Subject: do you ever forget?I remember every detail from 2

How found: netscape

I remember every detail from 2 years of age.Watching my father beat my mother & myself.Going over to comfort my mother,and her in turn beating me,and telling me she does not want me,to go live with my father.

Date: July 3, 2001
Name: Florine Carmouche
Subject: Tropical storm Allison

How found: Looking for help under FEMA web site

I'm scared, I cry a lot. Every where I turn for help I run into a brick wall and more paperwork. It's hard to ask for help when you never had to before.

Date: 7/3/2001
Name: Linda Cunningham
Subject: Danica Anderson's article

How found: thru a friend

Thank you, Danica, for the work you are doing and for the example of your courage in the face of such suffering. Having met you in our "kolo" experience with The Women's Well, I can attest to the power of the experience. I believe in the "sisterhood" of all women everywhere and want to support your work. I hope to be able to travel with you one of these days.

Date: 7/3/01
Name: Boyd
Subject: Danica Andersons Work


Our spirit often leads us to where we do not want to go. It is a sacred obligation to ourselves to make the journey as a human. Victims do not need heroes, but perhaps to become heroes. I sense this is the essence of your work and I applaud you.

Date: July 1, 2001
Name: Dr. Elaine Korthals
Subject: trauma survivors

How found: By looking at the trauma-pages site

Thank you for having this site, and to all of those who contribute to the growing work of trauma therapy. As a pastoral psychotherapist, and as one who specializes in family violence/domestic abuse, and who works with both victims and perpetrators, I witness the devastation of trauma. While I might be tempted to believe that our world cannot change, I also hold the hope that each one of us will hold ourselves accountable in all times and places, living and working as healers rather than destroyers--and there is no middle ground, either you are a healer or a destroyer. Each time I accompany a victim on his/her journey, I hope and pray that he/she will find the meaning, the spiritual connection, the holy ground that will empower him/her to have the strength needed to continue thejourney through the healing process, especially during those times in which the pain is excrutiating and the darkness seems so dark that there can be no light or hope. Each victim become survivor become thriver is a witness to our need for one another as well as to our obligation to work toward a non-violent world where all are safe and cherished.

Date: July 1, 2001
Name: Donna
Subject: car accident/childhood sexual abuse

How found: from national center for ptsd

Almost a year ago my life was stolen from me in a car accident. No one understands. Also was molested as a child. Seems to never end. This site gives me hope. Nice to know Im not alone even though I feel like I

Date: june 23 2001
Name: Sean Stratton
Subject: Fire Fighters with PTSD

How found: search

I am currently a fire fighter. I suffer from PSTD from my military career. I have found that your poems are very inspirational. I feel that there is a greater need i therapy for firefighter that suffer from ptsd. I will keep visiting the web site for more information.

Date: June 20, 2001
Name: Linda Milligan Ridgely
Subject: Thank you!

How found: narsad research web site

The poems hit home with me. Never realized so many others besides me was having to live with this everyday.

Date: June 16, 2001
Name: Ruth Ann Johnson-Shimp
Subject: What I receive from gift from within
How found: Gift From Within website

I am adding what I have received from Gift From Within. I am a 38 Year old female I found out about gift From Within that was in a book. I am a survivor of abuse. I have a suport pal network from gift form within because of this site I have started a webpage of my own. . So please visit my web page and let me know how you like it. when you have lived with the thought that you can not talk about what has happened to you you feel free when you can talk to the whole world about the things tht happened to you. In the processyou can help other to know that the only way to stop it is to tell everyone they can.

Date: 6-15-01
Name: Charles Walter


A great web site. excellent article by Dr. Galovski. Thank you, Joyce

Date: June 10, 2001
Name: Nonie Craige, CSW
Subject: PTT
How found: searched PTSD

I was very pleased to read your articles. I directed my online client to Gift from Within Posttraumatic Therapy to better understand what we are doing and why. It appears that I am right on the money and doing what I need to do to help this woman who suffers from severe stressors from childhood.

Date: June9
Name: Secrets
Subject: abuse,ptsd
How found: Another guestbook

I have been looking for more information pertaining to ptsd,thank-you for providing it.Keep up the good work.

Date: 6/8/01
Name: Amy
How found: You found my site & wrote to me... thanks.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape, I would like to thank you for putting this great resource together. One out of four is a horrible statistic for the females in the U.S. Stop by Cool Nurse sometime. Of course we have an article on Abuse & Incest, Rape, Self-Injury, & Depression. We also welcome survivors to share their stories if they want, only so today's teen doesn't think she or he is the only one living with this secret. I get so many letters from teens who are being abused. I refer them to several hotlines and tell them to tell a parent or a trusted adult. Thanks again, and now a shameless plug...

This award is for you, for the courage & time that it took to put this site together.

Date: June 2, 2001
Name: Gary Clauser
Subject: PTSD & ME

How found: searchung the net

Just wanted to say hello. Recently retired from a pro. dept IAFF Local 1146 in july of 2000 after 25 years Retired becasuse of PTSD Would love to talk to others that are FIRE POLICE RESCUE OR EMS about PTSD

Date: May 31, 2002
Name: Anna
Subject: how to cope

How found: The Courage to Heal A guide for Women Survivors of

I just want to understand and heal.

Date: may 31st 2001
Name: cathy

How found: web site

i would reccomend this site to anyone who has this problem. i think that it is great.

Date: May 21,2001
Name: Barbara Skudlarick
Subject: Web Site

How found: notified by Gail Dunham Pres. NADAF

Excellent professional information and appropriate for many levels of crisis response. Like attending a 5day seminar at Home.. Thank You

Date: may 20, 2001
Name: Maureen McCaslin
Subject: gratitude

How found: friend

This is probably the most comprehensive, progressive site I have found so far. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

Date: 5/18/01



Date: May 16, 2001
Name: Kandice
Subject: Im a survivor

How found: I was doing a research paper of this subject

I want to thank all the people who wrote these poems.They help me alot.I'm 15 and I was raped last year.I still get harrassed till this day.I also see my rapist like everyday.I hope I can be like you and go on, but right now I cant look on.I want it all to be over cause seeing his face is just to much. I hope I can survive it like all ya'll did.You all are very lucky and im praying for u.

Date: 05-15-01
Name: Susan
Subject: Can someone help me?

How found: Netscape

I am a survivor I think. I am alive but I do not feel like anything is real.My abuse ended almost four years ago.I can't get away from it. Today I have been crying all day because I am in counseling and have been for years and it has not helped a bit.I still live in the past. I can feel him everywhere. The terror feels just as scary today as it did then. My counselor has been telling me it is over. I know it is over but it doesnt feel like it when I wig out on a date now and jump out of a moving vehicle because I still can not be around a man. I have 3 boys who I love but if I have to live with this much longer I just wont do it. I want to know if someone knows someone who knows how to make me better and whom is extremely affordable. I want to live again. I want to fall in love I want to stop being scared all of the time. I do not know any therapists who can deal with ptsd and it really is making me lose all of my hope of beating this. I just can not get over it.

Date: 5/12/01
Name: susan
Subject: ptsd

How found: looksmart under post traumatic stress syndrome

After experiencing several life changing experiences that landed me in therapy (divorce, loss of job(s), loss of home, loss of dog, son moving away, I finally started to come out of the fog three years later, only to be triggered into remembering marital rape in my marriage of 23 years and fondling by my older brother when I was young. Throughout all this time, I have been chronically suicidal. I am now coming upon year 4 since the divorce, and year 1 since I began to understand many of my feelings that I have had for years. I know I am just beginning to be able to allow myself to feel the hurt without going into crisis constantly. Your site, and others like it that have helped me not feel so alone, have helped. Thank you.

Date: 5/5/01
Name: Kait S
Subject: Thank you

How found: by luck

I never filled this out before and I feel a strong need to let everyone know how the people at this site have helped me to survive this last 6 months!! And to have my poem displayed and my favorite books listed has given such a shot of confidence I can not believe it

Date: 5/3/01
Name: Carmen
Subject: Hi

How found: searching internet

I Hope everyone gets better.

Date: 04/28/01
Subject: ASSAULT


Date: April 28, 2001
Name: Kelly
Subject: Thanks To Support Pals
How found: I am a support pal

I just want to thank all the support pals that have sent me letters/cards in regards to my newborn. For anyone that I did not email personally, she was born on March 21 at 2:23pm and we named her Trinitee Michaela. Also, I would like to tell all that have submitted poetry/artwork that it is all very inspirational and beautiful. My warmest regards to Joyce as well, for continuously making an effort to find new ways for us to heal and support eachother. Love You All! IN Light & Healing, Kelly

Date: 4/23/01
Name: Karen Morehead
Subject: PTSD

How found: By accident

I am a survivor of a traumatic car accident who suffered from PTSD for about a year.

Date: 4-22-01
Name: Ann-Marie
Subject: Domestic Violence/PTSD

How found: link from

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I was recently diagnosed with ptsd. I was in an abusive relationship for 7 years and on the third try I finally left. I was abused in every sense of the word and am willing to share my story or offer any advice or encouragement to those who need it. Thank you for your website that allows us to do just that.

Date: April 20,2001
Name: Dottie Benedict
Subject: survivor of childhood sexual abuse

How found: surfing the net

I was sexually abused from the age of 5 by my brother. and i was abused physically by my own grandmother.and the pain i suffer everyday by memories etc is terrible.

Date: 041901
Name: Toni Taylor
Subject: I need to know that I'm going to live through this
Website: search for others w/PTSD on web
How found: search on iWon

My life has been nothing but trauma since I was 6 years old. I'm now almost thirty. At 29 I only had one thing left that mattered in my life, the ONLY person on this earth that loved and KNEW me or cared to. Then she died and I just want to be w/her

Date: april 18 01
Name: minister jose mireles
Subject: ptsd recovery
How found: surf in

You have a great site with support group.

Date: April 9 2001
Name: Rhonda Keesee
Subject: I've had PTSD since 1984.

How found: National Center for PTSD

I write poetry, and in the process of writing a book TRIBULATION IN THE PARK about the brutal rape & torture that lead to PTSD.

Date: 04-05-2001

How found: I did a site search on PTSD and this was listed.


Date: 3-30--01
Name: Sherry
Subject: Discrimination-Harassment-Hostile Work Environment
How found: NOW National Organization of Women

I have fibromyalgia. I have Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder Symptoms because of the unusal amount of stress to handle from the harassment/discrimination I have received at work.

Date: 3/30/01
Name: James
Subject: nice website
How found: u notified me

thanks for letting me know about your resources

Date: 3/20/01
Subject: JONES

How found: looking for PTSAD sites on web

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD due to an childhood of 18 years raised in an Alcoholic family.

Date: 03/15/01
Name: Theresa
Subject: PTSD fron anesthesia

How found: Surfing

In May of 1997 I had my tubes tied and woke up totally paralyzed. The doctors did't know at the time that I could still hear. Since then I have numerous medical problems, some of them I still have no reasonable explanation as to why. I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which has been an experience in itself. I have been searching for someone who has had the same experience and also for more answers. I now believe that the Fibromyalgia is a health result of PTSD. I have lost my job and now am on disability, receiving less than my rent is. Anyone who has had this experience or knows where I may be able to obtain help your response would be much appreciated. Positive Attitude which somes times is not easy but it does keep me going.

Name: Ira J. Hadnot
Subject: Why are we fascinated with counting

How found: key word on internet

Want to interview Dr. Ochberg about counting method

Date: 3/7/01
Name: Jennifer M.
Subject: PTSD

How found: PTSD search

Im happy I found this site.. I have PTSD. I saw my boyfriend murdered in my hallway 3 years ago and I have never been the same since. I was also sexually and psyically abused as a child. I need all the support I can get.

Date: 02.27.01
Name: carol
Subject: ptsd

E-mail: cvp 18 @aol.ccom
How found: looking for info re: emdr & ptsd

i've been diagnosed with ptsd 41/2 years ago. i lost my husband of 19 years and our only child, Melissa, 17. i don't remember the accident (i was driving) and recently began emdr treatments. i would be interested if there is anyone else who has experienced a similar disaster in their lives.

Date: 2/26/01
Name: Chey
Subject: Once a Victim, Never able to let go

How found: Search on PTSD

I am looking for ways to deal with my PTSD from a war time rape.. 31 years old unable to let go of the past of desert storm. Pain of who I was unable to let go of who I should have been during the rape.. Life empty. Pained filled, Memories live and fresh as if it still happens day in and out.. to release the past I must go back and stake my claim to do that I must say that it was not me.. Not able to as of yet.. Ten years of fresh memories flood back today as clear as the day of pain.. Chey

Date: Feb,22,2001
Name: betty harrower
Subject: the gift from within is a very helpful sitehttp
How found: healing within several years ago

this is a great site there is help avaliable I know Joyce she is a wonderful person i dont know what i would do with out people like herI probably would have lost itany one who wants to come to my chatroomits called rape victims no moreitis in interests undrer the name rape victims no more i cant find where i put the address but most poeple can come in with just that thank you bett

Date: 02/19/01
Name: Nicole R. B.

How found: I was just surfing the net looking for help .

I like the fact that there are only survivors here. I look forward to adding my own poems to your gallery. If you know of any counselors or support groups in the Los Angeles area for people who have be raped, not recently but about 4 years ago, I would appreciate the information.

Thank you and Bless You

Date: 13th Feb 2001
Name: Ronnie
Subject: PTSD (obvioulsy) and gettin HELPPPPPPP! (please!)

How found: Searchin... and a surfin

Hi... I am a fellow sufferer (is that how you spell it?) I had a traumataic birth with my son and have had councelling for nearly two years now. I am looking for other poeple to talk to in the UK. I am not looking to moan (well not all the itme anyhows) but I am also looking to share the good times when we have a 'good' day (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss) Please drop me a line if u want to .. I am very user friendly and if you dont dropme a line then I wish you all the best and keep going... theres light..... Love Ronnie x x

Date: February 12, 2001
Name: elane_w
Subject: Drinking and Drugs
How found: Search Engine

I found your site in searches for different things that effect my life thank you for being here.

Date: Feb 11, 2001
Name: Renee
Subject: sleepless nights

How found: search

It's like two o'clock in the morning and this is yet another sleepless night. I never seem to sleep any more. My Dr.'s give me all the tranquilizers; sadly, my will power to not dream is greater than their drugs... Thankyou for sharing it's like I'm not alone. Next week the DA is going to get my case against two of the three men (not enough evidence for the other) and I'm scared. Period. I am scared. It's less humilating to admit to that from my desk than in my Docter's office. He's great, I trust him, but I'm still afraid to tell him that I'm afraid... and he may understand but I'm still alone... always alone. But it's harder at night...

Date: 02-06-01
Name: Mary
Subject: Twelve Step Support Group for Women - Misogynon

How found: Web under Battered Women

We have a Twelve Step Support Group for Women who are now in or are surviving the effects of a violent relationship.....we can send any interested party a pamphlet....

Date: February 2, 2001
Name: Teri Wiley
Subject: PTSD

How found: surfing

This site is inspiring not only because of the people behind it, and their obvious dedication to support, inform and teach, but also because of the answers that can be found in these pages. Dr. Ochberg's article where he talks about how nearly impossible it is to find the right kind of help is so right on target. It is such a comfort to find people who can see your horror. For people with PTSD, who can be so tragically maimed and appear normal, this type of injury has no outward signs. It's pain seems to be so often dismissed as nonsense. A PTSD survivor is a war victim, from a war that the public will barly acknowledge, let alone fix. It is such a treasure to be understood, to be validated and find like minded people who can see you and can help you deal with your wounds.

I am forty. As a child, I can't remember a time when I wasn't being raped or beaten by my father and his brother. Then I married a man who treated me the same way. I was one of those woman, who, while being beaten, if someone tried to help me, I would scream at them and stick up for the man beating me telling them how much I loved him.

For two years, I kept, in my desk at work an article from Ann Landers that said "Once you stop allowing yourself to be knocked around, something wonderful will happen" I was with my husband from 14 years old to 32. I had a son at 31 and I had to see what was real for him. And I started with that article, I decided that I wasn't going to ever let anyone hit me again...I know that seems contrite, like Gone with the wind and I'll never go hungry again but that realization, the I didn't deserve to be beaten and abused, started my recovery and then I searched for help, and was lucky enough to find it and lo and behold inside of myself I found someone that I love.

If someone is hitting you, You have the power to make it stop. Talk to clergy, contact shelters in your area, there are people that want to help, don't stop looking for them. Find a good therapist start to talk it out. Today my life is wonderful. I still have issues to work on, but I am no longer crippled by my memories and I am such a different person because of it and it all started with that Ann Landers column and she was right something wonderful happened - I found me and I like her, I can actually be happy sometimes and it only gets better and better.

Date: 2-2-01
Name: Speaking Moon (margaret medecke)
Subject: I suffer from PTSD

How found: bonzibuddy

I suffer from PTSD from being sexually abused and from being beat on by my first husband I'm looking for people who understand I have much to talk about my present husband and I only have $427.00 a month coming in he also suffers from PTSD from his many disabiltys and being home less becouse of them sevral times we are presently fighting for disabilty for both of us and that adds to the symtoms please email us soon

Date: 2/2/01
Name: Jodi Godlove
Subject: Thank god


Joyce & GFW What can I say other than this is marvelous? GFW is the most hope that a survivor can have- THank you for being an integral part of my life(has it really been 8 years? God are we getting old?) and my healing!

Date: 1/28/01
Name: Charlotte
Subject: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

How found: surfing the net

I had four back operations in 18 months. My first surgeon was incompetent, and I have since lost my job, and am on permanent disability. I suffer in pain daily and would like to find a support system through the internet.

Date: Jan22 2001
Name: al
Subject: ptsd

How found: helpfull

My partner suffers from ptsd . we have been together for ten years . your site was helpfull, will be back .just looking for help thats out there.

Date: 1-19-01
Name: Angel
Subject: Suffering too so long

How found: searching net for self -help as always

Through much searching internet for answers, self help I just ran across this sight. Think God it exists for people like us . Hope is wonderful.

Date: January 18, 2001
Name: Priscilla
Subject: Domestic Violence

How found: surfing the net for answers to my humiliation!

Ted, the man who told me he loved me over and over again. Seven times I tried to leave him, he always begged for me to come back, promises, promises for a better life. None of it was the truth. The abuse continued to escalate. He almost killed me. He choked me in front of our son. I hate you, I hate how you treated me and I hate how you treated my son.

Date: 1-17-01
Name: Patricia Opiekun
Subject: Survivor from homicide/suicide

How found: Searching the Web

My father murdered my mother and attempted to take his life, without success. He was never tried and has spend the past 12 years in a mental/prison. The plan is to discharge him to a nursing home and drop the Murder One charges. h

Date: January 17, 2001
Name: Nita B.
Subject: What an incredible site?

How found: Just surfing the net....

Thank you so very much for all of the much needed information on PTSD. My sister is in a relationship which is MENTALLY destroying her. She will not admit to herself that MENTAL abuse is as severe as PHYSICAL abuse. You