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New: Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet's Journey
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Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet's Journey
With Dr. Frank Ochberg

Watch a veteran's two-year-long therapeutic process of healing from chronic PTSD, and enhance your skills in working with traumatized populations.

How does PTSD look from the inside, and how is it treated? In this unique training video, we find out firsthand from Terry, a Vietnam vet who witnessed his friend's brutal death in combat. We then follow his post-combat life: the struggle of living with PTSD for 40 years, and finally getting his life back with the help of renowned PTSD expert Dr. Frank Ochberg.

Through revealing personal interviews, commentary, and actual therapy sessions between Terry and Dr. Ochberg, this comprehensive video documents Terry's two-year-long therapeutic process of healing from chronic PTSD. Terry's courage in sharing the intimate details of his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through his struggle brings a rare depth and insight to Ochberg's step-by-step explanations and demonstrations of PTSD-specific techniques and strategies.

Trauma has become an ever more common life experience, and knowing how to treat someone with PTSD should be a part of every therapist's repertoire. This video offers a unique window into both the great suffering that PTSD can create in our clients, and the journey toward reclaiming the richness and meaning in their lives.

Produced by

Disc #1 RT 1:24
Disc # 2 RT 1:23

Individual Viewing- Cost $69.
Individual Versions are licensed for personal viewing only. If you intend to use this DVD for group viewing, teaching or training purposes, or any institutional use, you must purchase the Group Version.

Group Version DVD + Instructor's Manual- Cost $199.00. Group Versions are licensed for group viewing, teaching, training and institutional purposes. Group Versions are required for orders from universities, colleges, clinics and all organizations and institutions.

CE credits --available online --please purchase from at

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Treatment Approach | Managing Anxiety | Involving Family Members
Making Peace with Chronic PTSD -- Marla's Story

Marla Handy has nothing to hide --anymore. She is a college teacher, a professional consultant and a happily married, resilient woman. But she was terribly mistreated as a child, sexually assaulted as a young adult, and burdened by chronic PTSD for decades. In an intimate conversation with trauma expert Frank Ochberg, MD, she explains how she manages her complex trauma and chronic PTSD symptoms. Marla Handy is the author of "No Comfort Zone: Notes on Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," published by Mocassa Press and available on Amazon.

Running Time: 54 minutes - Available in DVD

$65 Individual Therapist/Health Professional
$95 Institutional/Group Viewing
Note: $20 Special price for survivors of trauma only.

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Introduction to Making Peace with Chronic PTSD |
What is the relationship between chronic and complex PTSD? |
How can others support the person with PTSD?
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PTSD & Veterans: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg

How do we help our veterans who are returning from war with PTSD? Our DVD provides an intimate conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg, as he shares his experiences, seasoned insights and suggestions. This program is for the mental health practitioner who has treated a variety of clients including those traumatized by abusive relationships, sexual assault, disasters, Sept 11, and violent crime. Dr. Ochberg feels that treating veterans is a privilege and he shares his experiences dealing with veterans from the Vietnam era, Afghanistan and Iraq. He welcomes those therapists who are supporting our returning men and women as they adapt to civilian life.

Topics include:
*Unique Challenges *Tools of the Trade *The Loss of Emotional Tone *Remittent Depression
*Family Issues *Military Sexual Trauma *The Patient & Therapist Relationship* The Counting Method.

Running Time: 57:41 Available in DVD

$60 Individual
$120 Institutional/Group Viewing
CEU call for financial arrangement

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Treating PTSD is a Privilege | The Battlefields at Home | Tapping Into The Emotion
Military Sexual Trauma: A Breach of Trust | Survivor Guilt
When Helping Hurts: Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is a hazard to the helping professionals that deal with traumatic events. This film heightens awareness of the symptoms and risks of Compassion Fatigue. New information about prevention, resilience and treatment is presented. Specific strategies on awareness, lifestyle balance and connecting with others are given to assist trauma workers. Experts Frank Ochberg, M.D., Charles Figley, Ph.D., John Wilson, Ph.D., Carl Bell, M.D., Atle Dyregrov, Ph.D. and Angie Panos, Ph.D. offer their own stories and advice on dealing with Compassion Fatigue.

RT:17 Minutes and appropriate for workshops, trainings, and classroom.

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View Video Clips for 17 minute When Helping Hurts: Preventing & Treating Compassion Fatigue:
Video Clip 1: What is Compassion Fatigue
Video Clip 2: CF Exists in All the Professions
When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers

When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers with Dr. Charles Figley was produced for trauma workers, relief workers and those exposed to trauma due to their professions or work as volunteers. This program outlines the symptoms of Secondary Traumatization and Compassion Fatigue. Six noted therapists discuss ways of recognizing these conditions in yourself and others, and the means of treatment and prevention.
© 1998

The US Army uses this program as part of their Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program.

50 minute version: $50.00 DVD

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View Video Clips: When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers:
Video Clip 1: What is Compassion Fatigue
Video Clip 2: Direct & Secondary Exposure
Surviving Trauma & Tragedy: Lessons For Future Physicians & Mental Health Professionals

Winner of the 2007 Freddie Award in Psychiatry

Victims of violence often feel shame, self-blame and rejection. Some develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; a psychological wounding that is oftentimes unrecognized and misunderstood. This compelling program, filmed in a live classroom setting at Michigan State University is a unique teaching tool for educators in the health field. Aimed at medical students it is also equally suited for nurses and allied health professionals.The audience is the Class of 2007, College of Human Medicine, at MSU. The speakers are trauma survivors, members of the Michigan Victim Alliance, discussing details of personal traumatic events that led to their being diagnosed with PTSD. Their stories will help future health professionals realize how important doctors, nurses and members of the medical team can be in the diagnostic and recovery process for survivors of extreme trauma.

Copyright 2006 Michigan Victim Alliance. DVD. $50.00. RT: 82 minutes.

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Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers - Now $50

The purpose of this program is to provide clinicians, social workers, clergy and caregivers engaged in long term support with families after a violent death, helpful strategies to diminish the emotional distress of violent dying bereavement.This program demonstrates how to shift the psychological focus from the drama and the spectacle of violent dying for loved ones "stuck" in their bereavement and to shift the caregivers' attention from an over emphasis on crisis support to the longer term psychological and spiritual needs of loved ones - months and years after the violent death. The panel members, Dr. Ted Rynearson, Dr. Charles Figley, Dr. Alison Salloum and Janice Harris Lord, ACSW discuss three common, psychological responses to a violent death.

RT: Panel Discussion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47:32 Minutes
RT:Two Clinical Interviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62:09 Minutes

© Gift from Within, 2006

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Survival From Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing

Gift From Within is pleased to announce the exclusive rights to distribute "Survival From Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing." The film was produced by Dr. Angie Panos, a board member of Gift From Within. Dr. Panos has more than twenty years experience in traumatic stress treatment, dealing with war refugees, domestic violence, victims of rape, and child abuse.

This film presents stories of women who transformed their lives after living through domestic violence. The steps they took to create safety, build a support system and find independence are described. Through their first hand accounts they give other victims hope that healing and recovery is possible.

Running Time: 14 minutes.
$30.00 plus shipping. DVD © 2005

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Explaining PTSD is part of Treating PTSD: Lessons for Mental Health Professionals

Explaining PTSD is essential in treating PTSD. In this program, two experts, Dr. Frank Ochberg and Dr. Angie Panos, give new therapists, and therapists new to PTSD insightful and thoughtful suggestions about explaining the condition. Their approach includes educating patients, significant others, caregivers, and the general public. They do this without becoming either too technical or too superficial, but in a supportive, consistent, enthusiastic, and friendly manner.

Dr. Ochberg models describing PTSD to your patient and Dr. Panos discusses how to explain the causes of PTSD to a general audience.

Running Time: 24 minutes.
Individual viewing...$40.00/Institutional, Group viewing...$99.00 plus shipping. DVD
© 2005

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Living with PTSD: Lessons for Partners, Friends and Supporters

This DVD is valuable for those who care about the PTSD sufferer in their life. It explains what PTSD is, why it is important to learn about this medical disorder, what you can do to help, ways to treat it, how to deal with the caregiver burden and how PTSD affects the family and other relationships.

Survivors of trauma often have difficulty believing that they will ever recover. This film provides a realistic message of hope and teaches family members and community how they can assist in the recovery process.

Running Time: 18 minutes.
$30.00 plus shipping. DVD
© 2004

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Recovering From Traumatic Events: The Healing Process

This educational DVD will present recovered survivors and therapists discussing their experiences with the healing process after traumatic events.This film will sensitively present insight into the impact of trauma in the survivor's life, however, the main focus of the film is on what helped or did not help them during their healing process.

The DVD is useful to both therapists and survivors in guiding their recovery efforts in a positive direction. Family members and community will also learn how they can assist in the recovery of their friends, loved ones and neighbors. A ten minute version suitable for trainings and workshops is included in the professional version. © 2001

Professional Version: 33 Minutes, includes
10 min. presentation - $65.00 DVD
5b. Survivor Version: 23 Minutes - $30.00 DVD

Both the US Army and US Air Force use this program as part of their Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs.

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PTSD In Children: Move In the Rhythm of the Child

The third in a series of DVDs, this video explains the circumstances, symptoms and therapy techniques for childhood Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The DVD features five noted PTSD specialists:

Dr. Kathleen Nader, D. S. W.
Erwin R. Parson, Ph. D.
Angie Panos, Ph.D, CEAP
Carl C. Bell, M. D.
Frank M. Ochberg, M. D.

Primarily intended for health professionals and school personnel, this sixty-minute DVD provides information on the study of PTSD in children and its relevance in our communities. © 1995

40 minutes DVD- $30.00.

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Frank Ochberg, M.D. on PTT: The Counting Method

Traumatic memories invade the consciousness of those who suffer PTSD, presenting a profound challenge for the survivor and for the posttraumatic therapist. In this 25 minute DVD, Dr. Frank Ochberg explains and models his Counting Method for mastering flashbacks and intrusive recollections. This method is a powerful yet simple tool in the armamentarium of PTT - post-traumatic therapy. Recorded during an extraordinary training seminar for Michigan State University psychiatry residents, this /DVD documents a specific technique and a collegial, collaborative relationship between psychotherapist and client, midway through a long-term, multifaceted out-patient treatment. Recommended for professional use only! © 1993

25 minutes DVD - Individual viewing...$30.00/Institutional, Group viewing...$99.00.
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Frank Ochberg, M.D. on PTSD

Frank Ochberg, M.D., is one of the pioneers in the study of victims and Post-Traumatic stress. In this DVD, he clearly communicates an understanding of the after effects of violent trauma and the healing process for its victims. The first step in recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is recognizing the pattern of symptoms and overcoming fear, confusion and stigma. Case histories, photographs and film images are artistically blended to illustrate important points. The philosophy of PostTraumatic Therapy is explained and several intervention techniques are discussed, including the "counting method" for recovering and mastering traumatic memories. This educational DVD summarizes and expands upon Dr. Ochberg's books, and articles particularly, Post-Traumatic Therapy, and Victims of Violence. © 1993

40 minutes DVD - $30.00.
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Audio CD: Sage Advice for Therapists New to Treating PTSD Clients with Dr. Frank Ochberg

What should new therapists know about PTSD so that they can begin helping their patients? Does the type of trauma determine the type of therapy? How do you determine what approach is going to work best for the patient? How does gender affect the PTSD occurrence and treatment? This CD is a unique opportunity to benefit from the experience of Dr. Frank Ochberg, a leading expert in the mental health field since the 1960's. 36 Minutes. $15.00.

Order Audio CD. | Testimonials | Listen to 10 minute audio clip: Sage Advice Professional | Download
Audio CD: Sage Advice for Trauma Survivors and Caregivers with Dr. Frank Ochberg

This CD is sensitive, friendly, and informational. It was produced for trauma survivors, their loved ones, and friends. It is a conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg, the Founder of Gift From Within and a leading expert in the mental health field since the 1960's, and Joyce Boaz, the Executive Director. The discussion is based on questions Joyce has received from trauma survivors, families, and the Gift from Within community. Topics include the description of PTSD for the lay person, types of events that cause PTSD, what should a sufferer of PTSD know about the disorder, post trauma issues, the role of the caregiver, work place issues, the trauma memory system versus the normal memory system, and much more.

Dr. Ochberg is a psychiatrist and former associate director of the National Institute of Mental Health. He is one of the team members who wrote the medical definition for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. 58 minutes. $15.00.

Contact Joyce for multiple copy discounts for volunteers, staff and workshops.

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Please Note: These prices are for individual use and noncommercial in-house training purposes.

If you are interested in using our DVDs and/or articles for commercial purposes, as in continuing education courses, please contact Joyce for permission and financial agreement.


These fees do not include online access.

For programs under 30 minutes:
$200 per year
unlimited showings
onsite workshops only

For programs over 30 minutes:
$400 per year
unlimited showings
onsite workshops only.
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