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Band of Angels

This page is dedicated to our "Band Of Angels."
We thank them for their support and generosity in helping Survivors of Traumatic Stress.

Terry & Bill Kleiber
Marthe Aimee in honor of her brother Nathaniel Hackett
Stacie Dubay- In memory of Betty Rombalski
The Klieber Family Trust

Dr. Kathy Platoni & John Hutchinson

In memory of Ida Riforgiato

Chuck Passerman

Van Strum Foundation


Gone Scrappin' for P.T.S.D.

For Sarah

Adam Senter

Messler Family Foundation

Gwen W.

Ann G.

SPC Christopher Paye

J. Eric Gentry

Joyce - In loving memory of my brother and parents.

In Memory of Paula K.

Mary Ellen Dolan

Anne Murray-Randolph

Terry Lynn Nieminen


Sonny Ditzler

Katy Huang - In Memory of Maxine Witham

Patricia McDonald


Patti Brown - In memory of Donald Tester

The Dart Foundation

Mason Dart Trauma Project

David and Heidi Hoffman

Jennifer Kloes

Carol Martino

Frank M. Ochberg, M.D.

Ingrid Van Steenberg

Harvey and Cathy Ardman

Unity Through Sharing Philanthropic Fund, San Diego CA

University of South Florida College of Public Health

Carol Woodbury, Optimum Performance

Dan Giles


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