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PracPractical tips for military families living with combat stress and PTSD

There is something in this podcast for everyone, from the spouses who are often first to detect problems, to friends and family who need to understand and accept that PTSD is "as medical as having an injury to your kidney." PTSD is not a bad memory that can be left behind, and one cannot simply "get over it."

This in-depth discussion describes the ripple effect on a spouse and children, explains triggers for flashbacks, shines a light on depression and anxiety as clues to possible trauma stress, explores a spouse's feelings of neglect, anger, frustration, guilt, and misunderstanding, while stressing the need to self-educate, and giving suggestions on who to approach for help, including outreach outside of the VA or military community if needed.

I wish every serviceman or servicewoman and every person in their family would receive an ipod with this podcast on it as they are returning home. It would be a wish come true.

Another invaluable gift and resource from GFW - thank you!

Lydia Brewer
Manager of the online support group
Vetwives Living With PTSD

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