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A Curriculum for GFW members, trauma survivors, journalists and loved ones from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

Dear Friends of Gift From Within:

I think you will find the letter below written by GFW's founder and best friend, Frank Ochberg useful for yourself and your family members. Frank Ochberg and The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma are educating journalists and the media about PTSD. This will help the victims of crime at their time of crisis and will also alter the way news is reported and covered by journalists. Even though you are not a journalist, this quiz may help you and your family members. I ask you to please take this quiz and report back to us. Your comments will be read. They will make a difference on how to better enable the Dart Center to help new and established journalists. Warmly, Joyce

Dear Joyce,

First, let me say again to you and to all the visitors to the GFW website how gratifying it is to see an ever-growing community of survivors helping one another. We who defined PTSD in the late 1970's and launched the society for traumatic stress studies in the early 1980's knew that the most important advances would come when those who endured cruelty and catastrophe became leaders in the struggle to prevent traumatic stress.

We seem to be in that era now, thanks to many courageous people, particularly the network linked by GFW.

Let me introduce GFW visitors to another growing community - Journalists and journalism students and teachers who are now visitors to The Dart Center (

These media professionals want to learn about trauma and above all, never to re-victimize victims. Sometimes their jobs propel them into awkward - even dangerous- situations. They cover crime, war, tragedy and trauma. They themselves develop PTSD.

The Dart Center serves these journalists and leads a whole new field of trauma journalism. Recently, their website (linked to GFW) began a curriculum for journalism students. I believe the course (click on CURRICULUM for entry) is pitched perfectly for GFW survivors and loved ones.

A mother or spouse or friend who wants to understand and help a survivor of violence who is coping with strong emotion is, in many ways, similar to a sensitive young reporter who must interview a widow, a crime victim, a friend of a teen killed in a car crash, and learn the truth and then, somehow, help the community understand.

The course curriculum includes tips on interviewing and fundamentals of PTSD. There is a multiple-choice quiz that lets you know whether you have learned the basics.

Those who lead the Dart Center would certainly like to know how GFW visitors react to the course for young journalists. After all, those who report on violence and on victims of violence shape public attitudes. The more that the media understands about trauma and traumatic stress, the more that the public will understand and respect that lonely journey from victim to survivor.

Please visit Take the course for journalists, even if you are not a journalism student. If you think a friend or family member would benefit (and would be better able to understand you), introduce the course to them.

And let the Dart Center folks know what you think about their course, their website, and their efforts to change the culture of the newsroom.

All my best,


Frank Ochberg, MD

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