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Sage Advice for Therapists New to Treating PTSD Clients with Dr. Frank Ochberg

Sage Advice for Therapists New to Treating PTSD Clients with Dr. Frank Ochberg

Frank Ochberg, MD highlights, on this CD, key elements for therapists to remember when treating those with PTSD or trauma symptoms. He also discusses differences between burn-out and compassion fatigue and how the therapist can recognize and prevent the effects of treating those with PTSD from disrupting their own health and their career. The advice is very practical for therapists. It provides a good road map along with other tools and resources that he suggests in the CD for guiding clients through the phases of treatment to successful outcomes.

Angie Panos, Ph.D. CEAP

Sage Advice for Therapists New to Treating PTSD Clients with Dr. Frank Ochberg

This is an engaging conversation rather than a dry lecture. Dr. Ochberg is a wise and refreshingly empathic clinical expert who has the rare capacity for speaking concisely on the management of the patient struggling with PTSD. The audio is filled with relevant, case-based information sophisticated enough for the student or the experienced clinician -- and basic enough for the person suffering from PTSD.

Dr. Ted Rynearson
Medical Director, Separation & Loss Services
Virginia Mason Medical Center

Sage Advice for Therapists New to Treating PTSD Clients with Dr. Frank Ochberg

This brief but informative recording explains what new therapists and counselors need to know about PTSD in order to begin helping their clients – including products available from Gift from Within that will help explain PTSD to patients and their families. Dr. Ochberg is enthusiastic and hopeful regarding the effectiveness of various treatment methods for this distressing condition, and describes in detail the sense of fulfillment the therapist experiences with successful treatment outcomes. Effective treatment methods are described, and specific issues and challenges in treatment are discussed, including the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout. It serves as a fine introduction to PTSD and is highly recommended.

Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT
Bereavement Counselor
Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix AZ

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