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Supporting Gift from Within

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Part of our funding comes through a generous grant from the Mason Dart Trauma Project, sales of educational videotapes, and through the generous supportof consumers, survivors, and health advocates. "At Gift From Within," we appreciate all donations, large and small. Anyone who does donate $100 or more automatically becomes a member of our Band of Angels (not for advertisers).

Contributing to Gift From Within:

Gift From Within would appreciate your support.

Our extensive website provides information about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to health professionals and educators including clinicians, nurses, teachers, doctors, red cross volunteers, police and fire personnel, researchers and various mental health practitioners. GFW also produces highly respected educational videos on various aspects of PTSD for survivors, family members, volunteers and professionals in the field.

Your donation allows us to distribute free or discounted tapes to those who need healing from PTSD.

Ways to contribute to Gift From Within:

By donating $100 or more you become part of GFW's Band of Angels

If you want to contribute to Gift from Within, in your name, or that of someone else, please fill out the following information:

All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
Please phone 207-236-8858 or print out and mail or fax this form to:

Gift from Within
16 Cobb Hill Rd.
Camden, Maine 04843
Fax: 207-236-2818

(You may email this information but we do not support secure online transactions for credit card numbers at this time.)

 [     ]   $5 supports sending out free survivor psalms 
[   ] $50- provides a free video for one in need of healing
[   ] $100- (your name is added to our "Band of Angels" list)
[   ] $200- 
[   ] Other $__________
[   ] I would like to make this contribution in the name of:
Mailing Address_____________________________________________________________
City___________________________________State_________ Postal Code___________
[   ] Please send a card to notify the recipient.
Total Enclosed:____________ Charge my: [  ]Visa  [  ]MC   Exp Date:__________	
Card Number:__________________________________  
Cardholder Verification Value (CVV2)____________
Note-The 3-digit code is located on the back of your card, inside the signature
area usually the last three digits are the CVV2 code.

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