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8. Survival From Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing

Gift From Within is pleased to announce the exclusive rights to distribute "Survival From Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing." The film was produced by Dr. Angie Panos, a board member of Gift From Within. Dr. Panos has more than twenty years experience in traumatic stress treatment, dealing with war refugees, domestic violence, victims of rape, and child abuse.

This film presents stories of women who transformed their lives after living through domestic violence. The steps they took to create safety, build a support system and find independence are described. Through their first hand accounts they give other victims hope that healing and recovery is possible.

Running Time: 14 minutes.
$30.00 plus shipping. Available in DVD

© 2005

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DVD Review

Nancy Flanakin, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Survival from Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing is a film of real people (not actors) including Dr. Angelea Panos, advocates and survivors, talking about the emotional devastation caused by long-term physical and emotional domestic abuse and about recovery from this devastation. There is nothing academic or technical about it - the tone is personal and encouraging. It would be helpful to any advocate, and could be a lifeline to a survivor. The difficult and often long process of leaving the abusive relationship is presented in a way that helps advocates to understand how to respond to and aid victims. The process of developing self-esteem, a sense of one's rights, and energy to move forward in life is discussed in a down-to-earth way by survivors whom I found to be persuasive and engaging. One of them talks about the benefits she received from participating in a survivor's support group. I recommend this film for advocates, but especially for survivors - I think it is strong encouragement.
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DVD Review

Debbie O'Neill. Senior Training Specialist. Great Kids, Inc

I finally had the opportunity to review the DVD: Survival from Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope an Healing. It is an excellent brief chronology of domestic violence, and something I can use. I especially like the insights from the women who lived through and survived the experience. This program will be impactful to people. Though we (professionals) may know the clinical, social and research pieces of DV, hearing from the mouths and hearts of survivors the what of DV (including childhood experiences), the why of staying and the how of healing breaths humanity into the topic.
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