"Joyce Boaz has been my chief research resource for over 4 years for my consulting firm, the Hoffman Group, and for nearly a decade for my film production company, Varied Directions International. I have brought over 50 clients to her to work on problems, internet "gossip," basic fact gathering, the finding of key people, product or service development, competitive analysis, etc. etc. In my experience, she can find anything or any one. But she brings even more to her work than simple research skills. She gathers important insights from the people she communicates with, putting the information she's found in an understandable context. Her insights and intuition, and the contacts she has found for me and for my clients have proven very powerful."

-- David Hoffman, CEO, The Hoffman Group & Varied Directions International

"Joyce Boaz has done internet research for me on a number of projects. Her work has provided an invaluable tool in a business that is so vitally dependant on thorough research. She is quick, intuitive and incredibly cost effective. What used to takes us hours of telephone calls and trips to the library she accomplishes in a fraction of the time. She has become an integral part of our most difficult projects."

Kirk Wolfinger, CEO, Lone Wolf Pictures

"Some people have a knack for research and others can't find their foot with their hand. As the author of 19 books, I've often called on Joyce to find facts or information and she's never failed me. I've also had her interview people-and she always gets more information from them than I expect. As a writer of non-fiction, I consider Joyce my special edge over my competition."

Harvey Ardman.


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