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April wrote on July 14, 2020:
We foster-to-adopt 3 of 4 siblings with PTSD from severe negligence and horrific years of family abuse. They made great gains and are being "put up" on SAE. PTSD is so real - The undue trauma being forced on them is unconscionable. Counties have not clue what they are doing to these incredible kids. Thank you for being here for those who love and care for such hurting souls.
Katy Sheffer wrote on July 13, 2020:
With so many different levels of trauma, caused by stalking, domestic violence, rape, kidnapped child, attempted murder, narcissistic mother and a few more. Most people don't believe me when I speak with them about it, or it's too overwhelming. I'm on permanent SSDI because of it. I started a blog to help put my life to paper, which I wrote under a ghost name for safety reasons. But I am a real person and CPTSD is now a way of life. Which I have a love gate relationship with. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this website. Thank you!
KarKar wrote on May 27, 2020:
thank you for your website and all that you do for others.
Diremother wrote on February 26, 2020:
Love this (even more because you're based in Maine). Thank you for doing such important work for so many years. I also feel a calling to help others, as I tend to my own recent trauma. Advocacy has helped me heal too. ❤️
PTSD is real wrote on February 5, 2020:
PTSD is real and it's hard to deal with it's hard to accept it it's hard to acknowledge it.I'm sorry I have PTSD don't look at me differently I can't help it I'm still the same as you just a slight bit different because of the trauma I was put through it changed my life completely it still changes my life today some days are better than others some days worse than others you never know what you're going to get can kinda like a box of chocolates.
Joyce wrote on January 21, 2020:
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